Casa de los Niños

1138 North 5th Avenue
Tucson, AZ - 85705
(520) 624-5600
Fax Number: (520) 623-2443

Our Crisis Shelter helps to support families in need by providing a safe and nurturing temporary "home" to children who have been removed from their homes.
Child placements are initiated by the Department of Child Safety, families in crisis seeking voluntary emergency care, and tribal entities. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We serve children ages infant -12 who are not a danger to themselves or others and are medically appropriate for the level of nursing and medical intervention the shelter can provide.
We focus our services on both the child and the caregiver(s) through a family centered approach that will promote the best outcome for the child and family. The program works to help children increase self-esteem, life skills and coping skills by using strength based intervention strategies. Collaboration with other supportive organizations is an integral part of our program in helping us promote and sustain family stability for our clients and their families.
Our Crisis Shelter provides:
A safe and nurturing environment for children with a history of trauma and/or those children whose families are in crisis.
A trauma informed environment that recognizes the importance of individualized care for children and families.
Stabilization for children by providing medical treatment and/or therapeutic support.
Support to families as they work to meet goals for a successful reunification.
Encouragement of a childs resiliency through services addressing their social, emotional, physical, behavioral, academic, and creative needs and development.
On-going advocacy for children and families.
Flexible visitation schedule for families 7 days per week.
Family Respite Services are available

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