Esplanade House

181 E Shasta Ave
Chico, CA - 95973
(530) 712-2600
Fax Number: (530) 895-1848

Esplanade House, a transitional supportive housing program for homeless families in Chico, California.

The Esplanade House is a 3.5 acre campus located on North Esplanade and East Shasta, with 60 apartments ranging from one bedroom to three bedrooms. There is also our Child Development Center, playground, administration building, and donations area. There are two apartment complexes, one for our Phase 1 clients, and one for our phase 2 clients, that total 58 apartments. There is one apartment used for our security monitor, and one utilized for outpatient services.

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  • Jun 2, 2021

    was wondering if they accept me.

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