Gospel Rescue Mission - Women's Recovery Shelter

707 W. Miracle Mile
Tucson, AZ - 85705
(520) 740-1501

Gospel Rescue Mission offers hope by providing emergency shelter for homeless men, women, and women with children at two Tucson shelter locations.

Adult men, women, and women with children come through our doors each day. Some have been living on the streets for a good part of their lives, battling mental illness, PTSD, and chemical or other life controlling addictions.

Other guests are first time homeless perhaps resulting from domestic violence, loss of job, or traumatic life experiences. Lacking street survival skills, these men and women are afraid for their safety. They are overwhelmed with concerns about what might lie ahead, or how they can overcome their current circumstance.

Many shelter guests find their way to the Mission through word of mouth on the street or possibly from seeing our TV commercial. Other shelter guests are referred to us by social service organizations, churches, relatives, or coming through re-entry from incarceration. Some women are brought to us by law enforcement agents, as victims of sex trafficking or domestic violence.

It doesnt matter where anyone comes from or why they are homeless or whether they need just a few days stay or longer term assistance. All are lacking hope. All are weary. All are in need of love, respect, and support. They need basic life necessities of food, clothing, and shelter provided in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Mission Statement: To become the most effective life changing ministry in Tucson that serves the homeless and needy by providing for their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wholeness through the power of Jesus Christ. ‚Äč

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