Daniel Pitino Shelter

501 Walnut Street
Owensboro, KY - 42301
(270) 688-9000


Services:Families and Single Women (15 emergency and 50 transitional beds, length of stay up to two years). Emergency/transitional housing, and soup kitchen.
Mission Statement: We at the Daniel Pitino Shelter receive our mission from God through Isaiah, the Prophet. Our God says, Share your bread with those who are hungry, And when you see people who have no home, give them a place to live. Give clothes to anyone who needs them and be kind to your own family. Then you will be like the morning light that comes after the darkness of night and your sins will be forgiven. You will call upon God to help you and God will say, “Here I am!” Don’t hurt people by lying about them or saying unkind things about them. Give bread to the hungry and help those who suffer. When you do these things, your gloom will be changed to joy, and you will shine with the brightness of God’s light.

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  • Apr 19, 2021

    I need emergency shelter and to get back up on my feet. I'm in Clover Port, KY and there's no help here and I have no family or friends or transportation.

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