Wasatch Mental Health

750 North 200 West
Provo, UT - 84601
(801) 373-7394

Wasatch Mental Health is a state of the UT PATH provider.

PATH stands for Homeless Transition Assistance Projects.

The PATH programmed finances the service for people with serious mental illnesses living without a home.

PATH providers are local public or nonprofit organizations that have received Path funds from the U.S. government to provide services to people who are not currently connected to mainstream services.

Some PATH programs of the services provide, but are not completely inclusive for all programs (some PATH providers offer all of these services, while others focus on providing one or two of them.

Assistance services:

Screening and diagnostic treatment


Community Mental Health

Treatment of substance abuse

References for primary health care, vocational training, housing, educational assistance

Housing services specified in Article 522(b)(10)

Mission Statement: The mission of the Stride Program, in cooperation with the parents and teachers, is to provide quality learning of social skills by: * Equipping children with the basic social skills of life, * Heightening awareness of the consequences of chosen actions, and * Ensuring a positive environment where children feel accepted, confident, and successful.

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